Colombe d'Humieres specializes in the creation of jewellery, and metallic objects.  After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2017, she moved her machines and tools to Paris. Since then, she established her studio in the 10th of Paris in a former fur shop, which is also  where all the pieces are entirely hand made. This space of creation for jewellery and metallic objects is dedicated to bringing up to date artisanal techniques of jewelry making, metalsmithing, and sculptures. All the pieces are unique or made in very limited pieces, in metal (bronze, silver, aluminium ); some are ornate with melted glass and laboratory stones bringing candylike color to the bright metal. While chains are made soldered link by link, earrings bear the mechanism of watchmaking, born from the ground somewhere in between the world of Final Fantasy and the one of Narnia.

Questioning and reforming craftsmanship through rethinking shapes and creating new means of contemporary production, for example by combining techniques such as casting, electroforming or enamelling in the same piece. She transforms the metal together with Parisian craftspeople sharing their craft of foundry, gilding, silvering or plating.

Colombe d’Humieres Studio has collaborated with brands and designers through project such  belt buckle- making for Chopowa Lowena, a full jewellery collection for last Yeezy Season 8 show in Paris, and Etudes studio SS21's accessories and jewellery,  as well as artists, performers and musicians like Arca.  Her work is also featured in art shows between Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Berlin and London, and seen in Another, Dazed, Marfa, Interview or M Le monde.

We are happy to present her first campaign photographed by Boris Camaca  featuring friend and multimedia artist Jane King, styled by Juan Corrales (co-founder of
Bouquet). It is a celebration of the opening of her boutique/atelier and an ode to the support of her clients, collaborators and the dialogues and relations that allows the
evolution of her body of work. Highlighting the unique-custom made pieces, the series follows a client that enters the shop and tries all the jewelry she can until she fulfills her heavy metal dream.

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