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      Each piece of jewelry is crafted using metal such as silver, bronze, or gold upon request. These metals can be melted down and recycled infinitely, making our process environmentally responsible with a positive social local impact. We work with french casters, primarily in Paris, to uphold our commitment to a better and more transparent industry. We believe in being part of the conversation on the sustainability of precious metals without resorting to greenwashing. As jewelry makers, our goal is to only work with existing metals rather than contributing to further extractions 



       Our pieces incorporate a variety of materials, including glass, lab-created stones, and stones provided by our clients. We have made a conscious decision not to use natural stones due to the difficulties in sourcing them ethically. Until we can be confident in the ethical sourcing of natural stones, we prefer not to support the current system.



              All chains, locks, and technical components are designed and created in-house. We do not purchase any mechanisms or engage in assembly work.

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